Graduate Panel Event

Thursday, 10th August 2017 | 6.45pm – 8.00pm

Open to all parents, both new and current, our Graduate Panel event is perhaps the most compelling of all the school events that is open to the community. Parents can hear first-hand, how the love of learning carries with our ex-students into secondary school and to life beyond. It becomes abundantly clear at the Graduate Panel event that Montessori graduates have strength, in a competitive world, and a unique and powerful confidence and courage that has equips them for life.

The gathering of a range of past students who have graduated from our school speak candidly about their transition to secondary school, about how their schooling with us prepared them for “life after Montessori education”, and what long-lasting impressions they’ve been left with. This open panel discussion with both recent graduates, as well as students from long ago, provides a stimulating, persuasive and sometimes humorous evening for all parents and carers. We never quite know what the students will bring up; such is the spontaneity of this event. We urge parents who have attended the Graduate Panel event previously to come again as each time is different, depending on which graduates return on the night. It really is a fabulous night.