School Fees

It is the aim of the Board to maintain fees at an affordable level whilst delivering a quality, authentic Montessori education to children.

The Board and the School Executive considers a number of key factors when determining the fee structure:

  • Ensuring the provision of highly qualified Montessori teachers and educators for each class
  • Adequately resourcing the classrooms and the administration of the school
  • Equipping each classroom with the full range of Montessori materials
  • Remaining financially prudent and providing for the long term financial viability of the school

We are able to maintain our fees at competitive levels due to:

  • Continued excellent management by the school Executive.
  • The establishment of Stepping Stones Long Day Care Centre thereby reducing fee pressure at the Northside Campus
  • Our strong volunteer community, who save the school expenditure that would otherwise be incurred and passed on to families in fees

Click here for the current 2022 Fee Schedule

For further information about school fees, please contact the school.



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