150th Anniversary of Maria

This year the Montessori community celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Maria Montessori’s life.

This it is an opportunity for us in the Montessori community worldwide to recognise and celebrate the life and achievements of such a visionary woman, who in large part has changed the shape of education for millions of children and families across the world.

As a community Northside and Stepping Stones will seek to celebrate this anniversary year with our families, students and staff in a variety of creative ways. We will be looking to celebrate this milestone by undertaking events and activities that feature 150 as a central theme. 

Join in these activities where possible, find out more below. 


150 Flags of Northside & Stepping Stones

Adding excitement and fun to the celebration, your children can design their very own bunting to be displayed on the campus grounds. 


Tulip Planting

To commemorate the celebration of Maria Montessori’s 150thBirthday, students of Northside will be planting tulips - a symbol of the continuing impact and vibrancy of Montessori education around the world.



Can your child walk 150 laps of a local park? You child can stay healthy, whilst celebrating.  Get those walking shoes out so your child can join us as we strive towards 150 laps of Bannockburn Oval.



Hand Tulip Mural

A creative session with your children, making tulip hand murals on boards for display around the school, to celebrate Maria for years to come.


It's Party Time

Dust off those party outfits and get ready, it's Marias' Birthday Party!!!! We'll be celebrating with cupcakes and fun for all.


Trees For The Future

“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind”.

Following the inspirational words of Maria Montessori, the children are wanting to create a greener world for the future generation. Join us as we plant new seedlings - trees for the future.



There is a great sense of community within the Montessori classroom, where children of differing ages work together in an atmosphere of cooperation. To celebrate this special year, each classroom is attempting to read 150 books in a term! Read on!


It's Photo Time

What better way to stamp the celebration of Maria’s 150thBirthday than with an aerial drone photo of the students, staff and campus!

1-5-0, here we come!


Share your holiday activities

Get creative over the holidays and share your activities on FaceBook to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Maria Montessori.