Whilst not strictly a co-curricular activity, our Music program includes both the mandatory curriculum as well as additional enrichment opportunities outside of normal hours.The NSW BOSTES music curriculum is delivered by a specialist music teacher to children in the pre-primary and primary classes. Music theory, music from other countries, history, analysis and composition are introduced progressively as the children advance through the school.

The objectives of the Pre-primary / Early Primary Curriculum include:

  • Developing the children’s sense of pitch and rhythm with clapping, movement and musical games.
  • Identifying sounds, rhythmic patterns and focus on in-tune singing.
  • Building a repertoire of songs that incorporate percussion instruments.
  • Introducing children to orchestra instruments

The objectives of the Primary Music Curriculum include:

  • Music theory, history and analysis of music including music from other countries and of various composers
  • Listening, performing and composing using a graphics score.
  • Preparing and performing pieces with multiple parts including singing, percussion and musical instruments.

The glockenspiel is used as the main instrument for level 1-2, the recorder for level 3 and keyboards and ukuleles for level 4-6. It is introduced to all students on entry to primary school and is used to teach reading of music, and study rhythms, musical terms and musical notation.

Extra-curricular music opportunities for interested children include:

School Orchestra – This is open to all students in Primary school and is coordinated by our music specialist teacher. The orchestra’s composition varies depending upon the students currently enrolled and their chosen instruments, ranging in competency from beginner to advanced. Pieces studied range from popular to classical and in-between. The School Orchestra comprises children from extended day (kindergarten) to year 2. The Junior Orchestra includes children in years 3 to 6. During the year, the orchestra will play at school events, such as Open Days and Soirees.

School Choir – This is open to all students in Primary school (including the extended day or kindergarten children) and is coordinated by our music specialist. In choir, the children learn to sing confidently, both independently and within the group. They are taught to hold harmonies and are exposed to different styles of music, including jazz and improvisation. The objective of choir is to instil and nurture a love of singing.



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