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We aim to provide you with as much information as you need to make an informed decision about enrolling your child at Northside Montessori School. We seek to enrol families who embrace the Montessori approach to pre-primary and primary education and our enrolment process reflects this. Our School Tours, classroom observations and interviews with the Principal are all a part of our Enrolment process to ensure you feel confident with your education choice for your unique child.

We provide an exemplary education that addresses all aspects of the child and curriculum outcomes.  We are extraordinarily qualified to implement this individualised approach to education with the weight of over 100 years of Montessori practice behind us.

  • Applications for enrolment can be made at any time and are required for entry at all levels into the school. These should be submitted as early as possible to ensure you obtain a place.
  • Our usual intake is at 3 years of age because of the important preparatory work done in the 3-6 classroom ahead of the primary programme
  • Applicants at other ages will be considered by the Principal on a case by case basis. Placements are not guaranteed even if the school has vacancies. Applicants who have not completed the pre-primary programme must demonstrate a strong commitment to Montessori and compatibility with the learning approach.
  • Transfers from interstate and overseas Montessori schools at all age levels will generally be considered favourably.

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For any other enrolment-related enquiries, please contact our Enrolment and Community Relations Officer at:



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