Birth to 3 Years Old

The period from birth to 6 years is an amazing period of development. Key to this are opportunities that allow for the development of the child as an individual being. In order to fulfill this goal, children interact actively with the concrete world by using all their senses. Young children are not aware of learning but are drawn to activities that develop skills in talking, movement, interaction with people, tasting, smelling, hearing, seeing, touching and creating order. Children from birth to 3 years possess a capacity to absorb the surrounding environment merely by being in it. The impressions gained are absorbed without discrimination.

Our school offers a Toddler Program where a parent or carer attends with their child for two hours, once or more a week. The beautifully prepared environment is specific to the Toddler’s needs, ensuring it fosters the child’s growing independence, freedom of movement and self-discipline.

This program provides an opportunity for the carer to interact with the child as the teacher guides them through the child-directed process of learning. As children learn through hands-on experiences, the environment is prepared for positive and successful interactions and experiences. The carefully planned-out space and materials appeal to the child’s need for order, freedom of movement and repetition. These experiences are encountered through many activities including practical life, language, sensory exploration and grace and courtesy.

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Child learning on floor Image