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Parents and Caregivers

Northside Montessori School is a school which recognises that education is a partnership, and together we can support your children. Our parent community is vibrant and active, and when you join Northside Montessori School you become part of this community.

Parents engage with the school formally and informally, and also interact with each other through many social events organised both by the school, our Parent and Community Committee (P&C) and also individual parents. There are numerous opportunities for parent and caregiver engagement, but key highlights in any year would be the Welcome Event, Movie Night, Halloween Camping trip to Umina, and our quarterly Music Soirées.

The Audiri App

Northside Montessori School uses the Audiri app, which provides our parents and carers with relevant and timely information about their child and about activities at the school in an easy to use format.

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